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Manual Directory Submissions Packages

Importance of Manual Directory Submission Services

Directories are a great way to build valuable links, build credibility and enhance your website’s visibility. Higher rankings by search engines facilitate brand awareness, Major web Directories are well-ranked on various search engines as they attract lots of traffic through the search engine result pages. Direct traffic from web directories is highly relevant because people click your link under the appropriate category or sub-category. This helps people who are really busy & hard pressed on time. They like to surf web directories more rather than the search engines because all the websites are listed under appropriate categories hence it is easier to find the right businesses there. Our Directory Listing Services will add your site to appropriate categories. There many sites who offer submission service, they claim to submit your link in more than 80,000 directories, few even claim to add your site to 5, 00,000 directories, but you should remember that submitting a link and getting it listed in the directory are two different thing. So it is really important for us to choose the right one before investing. Major benefits of directory submissions are:

  • Higher Position In the Search Engine Results.
  • Web Site Indexed.
  • Generates more Traffic.
Directory Submission Value Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Page Rank 0-2 900 1200 1700 2400 3400
Page Rank 3 70 125 250 400 650
Page Rank 4 20 50 100 200 300
Page Rank 5 & above 10 25 50 100 150
Total 1000 1400 2100 3100 4500
Scheduled Time 15 days 30 days 45 days 65 days 90 days
Cost $180 $250 $400 $550 $800