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Importance of Link Building & Link Popularity

Links make the World Wide Web go round. Links are how we get from place to place on the web and they're the vehicle that allows us access to an infinite amount of information. Links also give us more traffic to our sites. This article will explain why you should increase the number of links to your site & maintain Link Building Strategies. Word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising. The idea of linking to other web sites was intended to be the web's form of word of mouth advertising. I say "intended" because in the early days of link exchanging the search engine algorithms could be easily manipulated. One Way Link Building & Link Partnerships are the most effective way of Link Building. Our Link Building strategies will help your website's Link Popularity with Quality & relevent Backlinks. Our Site Submission Services & Packages are as follows:

  • Forming Link Partnerships
  • Link Building through Site Submission
  • Avoid Link Farms

Link Building Value Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Page Rank 0-2 40 50 70 80 100
Page Rank 3 7 10 20 25 30
Page Rank 4 & above 3 5 10 15 20
Total 50 65 100 120 150
Scheduled Time 1.5 months 2 months 2.5 months 3 months 3 months
Cost $400 $500 $600 $750 $1000