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SEO Services

SEO does not have a fixed formula that can be applied to every client. Each website has a unique set of features that needs a customized search engine optimization strategy. It is almost impossible to achieve Top rankings without a concerted effort and a specially built strategy.

  • We follow a scientific step by step procedure to understand your requirements and then build a strategy for you.
  • We will explain why we are choosing a particular approach and how that approach will help you achieve the results.
  • We will also give you a road map on when you can expect to see the results.

Our Search Engine Optimization services include

Seo Servies
Building a Strategy

After a thorough analysis of your site and company needs we will help you clearly define your goals. Once the goals are defined we can then build a strategy that will achieve those goals.

SEO Keyword Research

What are the keywords / keyphrases that customers are likely to use for your products/services. Our Keyword Research team will list out and analyze all the possible keywords that can be used.

Optimizing your site

Your website plays a very important role in the overall in achieving your SEO goals. We can either work with your Web designers or our team of technicians can make the required changes for you. From Meta tags, title tags, image optimization, content optimization and copyrights, site maps, robot optimization files etc we cover all the bases to ensure that your goals are achieved.

Directory listings

Directory listing is an arduous job requiring hours of manual work, headaches and follow ups. Our team will do all the hard work for you and make sure that we get the required listings. We not only submit the sites to the Directories but keep on following up to make sure that the listing is completed.

Weekly Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor progress of work on your site and percentage of goals achieved on a daily basis. A simplified weekly report that is easy to understand and follow is sent out every week to help you keep on top of the progress achieved.